Participation in Landgate Surveyor Working Group

Harley Dykstra recently received formal recognition from Landgate, thanking them for the participation in the Landgate Surveyor Working Group for the Registrations Reform Plan Project.

Two members of the Harley Dykstra team, Director/Licensed Surveyor, Dale Johnson and Senior Draftsman, Ben deRuiter made a positive contribution to the successful development of the New Land Registry-Plan (NLR-P) application.  This application is now live and accepts the lodgement of all new Deposited, Strata and Survey-Strata plans.  It will continue to be developed to enable the digital creation and drafting of subdivision plans into the future.

Members of the Harley Dykstra team drew on their considerable experience in Land Development and Plan drafting in order to make contributions to the NLR-P development team.   This helped to ensure that the system was not only workable from a technical stand-point but was practically usable to the Land Development industry of whom we are a part.

The overall effect of these improvements and efficiencies at Landgate will be to benefit our customers by eventually significantly reducing the time taken to audit a lodged Deposited Plan.  At present it can take 4 to 5 weeks for a plan to make its way through the audit queue as the audit process is still a very manual process despite the advances in technology.

The development of the NLR-P process will automate many of these audit procedures and enable many plans to proceed through the lodgement and audit process in less than 2 hours.  This will offer considerable time savings to the land development industry and enable huge leaps forward in efficiency.

The NLR-P project is running alongside other efficiency measures within the Titles office which will also add benefit to the land development industry by further reducing the time frames experienced  in the final stages of development.

Harley Dykstra thanks Landgate for giving us this opportunity to contribute to this project.